Risotto: fast and easy comfort food

When I was growing up, I hated waiting for rice to cook.  The idea of putting the lid on the pot and just leaving it alone until it was done just absolutely drove me bonkers.  I wanted to stir it, to taste it, to do something with it.  Cooking is an action, after all, not an absence of action.  Then, I found risotto.  It’s the perfect solution: rice with lots of stirring.  Plus, it has tons of flavor and a creamy texture that makes it wonderful comfort food.

Today was a great day for comfort food because my husband and both kids have all been sick.  Like most people who are sick, they weren’t really interested in most of our standard meals.  Risotto, on the other hand was everything they wanted and needed.  It had chicken broth (so kind of like sneaking chicken soup into them without them noticing it). It’s warm, creamy, and soothing to the throat while possessing enough flavor to make it rich while being subtle enough to keep it in the comfort food range.

I generally experiment with different kinds of herbs, vegetables, and flavors when I make risotto.  Like anything, some experiments work and some don’t.  Today’s risotto was a Rosemary Risotto and I was really happy with it and the hubby and the kids all gobbled it up.  My husband also noted that it goes very well with Earl Grey Tea. In any case, it definitely made the repeat list.



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